Cosmic Holidays

Cosmic Holidays, a casual platform game, has been developed in 2D under Unity by the independent French studio « I am a dog ». .

The main feature of Cosmic Holidays is the completely recreated world: the different animals, the natural surroundings as well as the structures influencing life are completely unknown, they are the result of the designer’s wild imagination. The game is a poetic adventure and contemplation is an important part of the experience. The graphic universe is characterized by surreal landscapes inhabited by fantastic creatures, for the player the experience will reveal itself as being full of surprises and fun.


The game is based on the spirit of adventure and the player will need all his dexterity, swiftness and smartness to utilize or to avoid the curious beasts and the strange nature of this new world in order to achieve his goal: taking it easy at the holiday resort!




Imagine a world where people are working all the time: from morning until night, from birth until death. The only hope of having a less dreadful future is to win a week’s holidays in the annual lottery. One week under the sun in a luxury resort with complete relaxation on a faraway planet.

The hero of the game, Cibo, is the happy winner of the lottery this year. But on his way to paradise the shuttle has an accident and crashes a long way from the so-desired resort. From that moment on, Cibo will have to try to get to his initial destination if he wants to enjoy a few leisurely days. You are Cibo. The adventure is starting now. You have one week!

Les-Cibos-travaillent      Course-des-Cibos



point  Cibo never dies and he doesn’t kill anybody.

point  The game is based on time and distance, the player has one week to get as quickly as possible to the holiday resort.

point  The player finds himself in totally unknown territory, he will have to get familiar with the alien nature and animals and learn how to use the specificities of the terrain in order to get on with his quest.

point  The goal of the player is to reach the holiday resort with maximum left over time with which he will be able to play and unlock games at the holiday resort.

key point



Elements to accelerate/to block

Most of the elements of the gameplay can be blockers as well as accelerators for Cibo’s quest.

Specificity of the set

Specificity of the set

He finds himself in totally unknown territory and will have to get familiar with the alien nature and animals and learn how to use the specificities of the terrain in order to get on with his quest.

Cibo cours

Time and distance

The game is based on time and distance. The player has one week to reach his holiday resort as quickly as possible.

Fusée livre

An exciting story

Oneiric dimension, great suspense and awe make this adventure an unforgettable experience.

The Team

 Laurent Siefer

Laurent Siefer, the inventor of Cibo, has worked for Ubisoft and other studios as well, as a graphist on Rayman Revolution. After that, he became a graphic novel writer and illustrator before returning to the video game industry.

 Thierry Mary

Thierry Mary is the founder of the graphic novel school l’Iconograf, of Watch Digital Comics and Asteure and he’s the friend and partner of Laurent. He’s the one doing the job the others don’t care for and in return they let him think he’s in charge.

 Lionel Courgnaud

Lionel Courgnaud, co-founder of the studio and developer of Cibo. He started his career in the video game industry and the new technology enterprises. After that, he became a graphic novel writer and illustrator. He returns to his first love with “I am a dog – Studio”.

 Mike Mushi

Trained in 3D Direction, Mushi specialized in animation. He has worked in close collaboration with Laurent and all the team on the storyboard and cinematic intro of Cibo.

Manuel Hauss

Manuel Hauss has also worked for Ubisoft. He creates images, animations and invents concepts. He’s the animator and model creator of Cibo and of another of the game’s character.

Jérémy Langard

Jérémy Langard, having completed his studies in the domain of visual arts, is now a graphic novel writer for Watch Digital Comics. He’s the creator of the audio environment for Cibo.

they also worked for cibo


Agathe Rosnet

Victor Coulon

Charles Rabec-leGloahec

Quentin Piot

Lionel Arbet

The CIBOS are small aliens that are working all the time. Your mission will be to retrieve bolts in a waste disposal factory, and if you do it well, maybe you’ll become the employee of the year, or even of the Galaxy !


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