Based in Strasbourg, France

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Around October in Early Access on Steam. Other platforms: TBA

PC / Mac
Early Access on Steam around October


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Cibos is a super speed arcade brawler up to 4 players online or in local with a gameplay that reinvent itself with each new level. Run, jump, dash your friends and collect bolts in order to become the best employee of the galaxy.


CIBOS is the first part of a triptych about the world of the Cibos, these little aliens who spend their lives at work. Each game will have a different gameplay mode and each game of the triptych can be played independently. The second part will be an adventure game. Cibo is going on vacation! A global lottery is organized every year and allow one of the 50 billion Cibos to take the most beautiful holiday club in the entire galaxy. But nothing will happen as planned. For the last game, the return of the holiday club will be difficult. Going back to work does not enchant Cibo, moreover he will be arrested and locked up on his return. Your goal will be to ensure that every Cibo can also take a vacation. Long live paid holidays !!


  • Fun and completely crazy super speed arcade brawler
  • Online and local multiplayer up to 4 player
  • Solo mode
  • A graphic and unique world, deep and varied with many levels
  • Diverse powers for Cibo
  • A gameplay that reinvent itself with each new level
  • Moving decors and variable geography during the game phases
  • A global score table (you play against players all around the world)
  • Win titles and become employee of the day, of the week, of the month and maybe of the galaxy !
  • An easy grip of controls


Reveal Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (3MB)

download logo files as .zip (1MB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie Game Contest 2015" Strasbourg

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About I'M A DOG

“I am a Dog” Studio is an independent game studio made by french comic book veterans and ex Ubisoft artists.

More information
More information on I'M A DOG, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Cibos Credits

Laurent Siefer
the inventor of Cibo, has worked for Ubisoft and other studios as well, as a graphist on Rayman Revolution. After that, he became a graphic novel writer and illustrator before returning to the video game industry.

Thierry Mary
the founder of the graphic novel school l’Iconograf, of Watch Digital Comics and Asteure and he’s the friend and partner of Laurent. He’s the one doing the job the others don’t care for and in return they let him think he’s in charge.

Lionel Courgnaud
co-founder of the studio and developer of Cibo. He started his career in the video game industry and the new technology enterprises. After that, he became a graphic novel writer and illustrator. He returns to his first love with “I am a dog – Studio”.

Mike Mushi
Trained in 3D Direction, Mushi specialized in animation. He has worked in close collaboration with Laurent and all the team on the storyboard and cinematic intro of Cibo.

Manuel Hauss
He also worked for Ubisoft. He creates images, animations and invents concepts. He’s the animator and model creator of Cibo and of another of the game’s character.

Jérémy Langard
Graphic novel writer for Watch Digital Comics. He’s the creator of the audio environment for Cibo.

Remy Maetz
He has worked for Créative Paterne Studio.He has contribute on CIBO, he is a technical artist.

Quentin Piot
Trained in 3D Direction, Quentin specialized in Level-Design. He has worked in close collaboration with Laurent and all the team to make the game’s levels.

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